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What color is Rolex Datejust Replica deep sea blue? Blue? Navy blue? The sea becomes Rolex Datejust Replica black at 600 meters. Everything becomes dark at this depth and it is impossible to distinguish any color. This teaser is probably what you expected. This is the Planet Ocean Deep Black's "raison de l'etre". The Speedmaster Dark Rolex Datejust Replica Side of the Moon was followed by the fully black, ceramic Planet Ocean. This is the heavy, robust, and technical dive watch from the Biel-based company. The Planet Ocean Deep Black is antimagnetic and Master Chronometer certified. It also features a revised display, GMT Rolex Datejust Replica function, and many technical improvements.After focusing on the Speedmaster and Globemaster in 2015, and the Seamaster 300 and 300 in 2014 respectively, Omega shifted their focus to the professional dive watch, Seamaster Planet Ocean. They have not only introduced the Master Chronometers, the Rolex Datejust Replica new, METAS-certified, antimagnetic coaxial calibres, into nearly all editions, but they have also revamped a portion of the collection by introducing a 600m edition and a GMT with bi-ceramic 24-hour bezel. The collection also includes a stunning 39.5mm unisex watch, which we showcased in gold but is also Rolex Datejust Replica available in steel. This was a remarkable evolution. But it wasn't possible without the creativeness of Omega Watches' designers and technicians. The Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon (DSOTM) showed us that ceramic can be used to make all the main parts of watches. Now, the same concept is being applied to the Diver Collection with the Planet Ocean Deep Black.Rolex Datejust Replica

Until Rolex Replica Watches now, the professional-oriented dive watch from Omega, the Rolex Datejust Replica Seamaster 600 Planet Ocean, was available in a vast range of materials, going from stainless steel to titanium or red gold. Omega also introduced some ceramic to the collection. Rolex Datejust Replica Most editions have a ceramic bezel with some incorporating the Liquidmetal technology (indexes, scales, and other components directly and seamlessly into the ceramic). For obvious reasons of resistance, cases are only made from metals. Rolex Datejust Replica Even though Omega has shown that it is possible to make a watch almost entirely out of ceramic (caseback, pushers and crown) with the Speedmaster (the Dark Side, or the Grey Side). These watches can be used as chronographs and are water-resistant to 50 meters. It is difficult to create a dive watch entirely from ceramic, since the pressure at 600m is very different.Rolex Datejust Replica

Ceramics Rolex Datejust Replica Watches actually have different properties to metals. Ceramics are Rolex Datejust Replica almost impervious to scratches and have a high resistance to corrosion. However, they are not immune to all types of environment or aggression. Ceramics can actually break Rolex Datejust Replica easily because they are very rigid and strong, while metals are more critical. Without changing the watch's shape, the solution was to make the case out of a block of black ceramic. The Planet Ocean Deep Black (or the Rolex Datejust Replica PODB ...)) is the first dive watch to be made entirely in ceramic. It has 600m/60 bar water resistance and 2000ft. The case is made entirely in ceramic. This includes the crown, the 10 helium escape valve, and the bezel (both insert and the bezel). The dial with its glossy black finish and pitch-black color is also made of Rolex Datejust Replica ceramic.

The Rolex Replica caseback can also be made in ceramic. This was a problem for Rolex Datejust Replica the developers. It is not possible to make a screw thread from ceramic like you can with a classic steel or titanium watch. Omega developed an oriented caseback using the Rolex Datejust Replica patented ceramic Naiad Lock. This is a reference to the vintage Seamaster crowns. There is no need to make a long thread - that would take several turns to lock. A 60deg rotation will lock the caseback and provide 600m water resistance.The Planet Ocean Deep Black has the same design and Rolex Datejust Replica proportions as the Planet Ocean. While the case is made of ceramics, it still has the "lyre-lugs" and bulky dimensions of 45.5mm and 17.18mm respectively. We're certainly in front of a big boy here, but the new straps with integrated attachment to case (which drops at 90 degrees at the ends of the lugs) contribute to the comfort. Even on my small wrist, it was easy to use, balanced, Rolex Datejust Replica and (ceramic obliged). The Planet Ocean Deep Black, a toolish diver watch, is not a dress watch. However, there are 43.5mm and 39.5mm editions of steel - these dimensions may be available in ceramic ...)..Rolex Datejust Replica